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We are an international independent broker formed by a management team from leading insurance brokerage firms and national and international insurance companies.As an Independent Broker, we do not have any kind of "external" pressure or the need to obtain results for the quarterly financial markets. Our independence allows us to always work in the exclusive interest of our Clients and creates a completely different dynamic that focuses exclusively on finding innovative and tailor-made solutions to ensure the unforeseen success of our Clients. Focused on your risk prevention and protection needs, we embrace your challenges as if they were our own. Together with you, we work as partners to proactively achieve the agreed objectives and protect your interests at all times.

Our goal

Our goal is to relieve companies and individuals from the financial and mental burden of risk by protecting their projects with innovative and targeted solutions. Together with you, we aim to analyse the problem, evaluate the economic, security and social impact, creating the best business strategy for your needs and using innovative solutions created exclusively for you. We are careful to the constant evolution of the entrepreneurial market by translating innovations into insurance solutions. In addition to the traditional risks easily available on the insurance market, we focus on insurance situations that you did not know could be insurable. Our commitment is to provide tailor-made solutions for risks not covered by traditional policies. No matter what the problem or how strange the demand is, our goal is to find ways to transfer the resulting financial risk to the insurance markets. Remember: no demand is too strange. Whatever keeps you up at night, we strive to find a workable solution to transfer the risk from your balance sheet to the insurance markets. Not only extended insurance coverage and improved existing policy conditions, but also a focus on and cost reduction of the insuranceprogramme from your income statement. Through our Information Technology department we provide all our clients with access to our innovative Insurtech platform to improve information flow management.


If your company has a low risk profile, we can get premiums and discounts on your insurance programme. However, if you need assistance to help you manage your risks more effectively, we provide you with our expertise in risk analysis and management and business continuity planning. Effective risk management will help you keep your business risk-free and stop regardless of what may happen. Our team can develop strategies from scratch or work with your internal risk management resources to provide specialist support.Risk assesment, risk management, risk consulting are just words that if not perfectly applied remain just words for their own sake. Our analysis starts from the verification of the reference sector in which you operate, from the analysis of current and future risk protection needs, through site visits and interviews with company resources; we verify the insurance program in place through the analysis of coverage and costs and we translate this data into exclusive insurance programs for your company. In this perspective we are constantly updated through our internal staff and external specialists, with projections of future risks due for example to climate change, country risk, IT architectures and other data necessary to create protection programs for your company translated into insurance and risk mitigation solutions. Not only policies but even prevention.


We do provide consultancy, insurance brokerage and claims advocacy services to our clients through our specialties and practices. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and experience of different risks and business sectors, Spencer & Carter helps to reduce the cost of clients' risks and provide the most suitable cover. In addition to being a national generalist broker, we are known for our specialisations and specific knowledge of international markets, particularly the English market where there is almost always no uninsurable risk. We have experience of Captive solutions to provide benefits to organisations of all sizes, sectors and geographical locations, a rapidly expanding risk management method in the medium sized market, with a trend towards continued growth in the future. We support Multinational Companies or those entering the Global market in managing the risks associated with their presence in multiple markets. We calculate the impact of international insurance programmes and advise clients on insurance strategies for different risk lines to manage risks on a global scale. We stand by our Clients to respond quickly to questions and address emerging challenges, understand local government rules and regulations, make informed decisions and assess practical aspects of costs, coverage and regulatory compliance, providing a single point of reference for the Client to manage global programmes. Through our International Network we are present in more than 110 countries around the world to support companies with international or individual businesses outside our borders using Spencer & Carter as a single point of contact.

Trasparency and disclosure

We pay attention to transparency and clarity of information. We are used to making our roles and interests in insurance transactions and operations transparent, including the remuneration system we may receive. We may receive compensation for our activities in a variety of ways, including commissions and fees from insurance companies and fees from clients. In addition, according to local laws and regulations, the company may receive compensation through a combination of the methods listed below.

Customer protection

The current national regulatory framework on insurance brokerage is characterized by the provisions of the Private Insurance Code - Legislative Decree no. 209/2005 as amended by Legislative Decree no. 74/2015 as well as by Legislative Decree no. 68 of 21.5.2018 (hereinafter "CAP") which has accepted, with effect from 1 October 2018, the European Directive n. 97/2016 - Insurance Distribution Directive. Pursuant to the new CAP, IVASS has issued a serie of implementing regulations including Regulation no. 40 of 2 August 2018, containing provisions on insurance and reinsurance distribution, as well as Regulation no. 41 of 2 August 2018, containing provisions on information, advertising and the creation of insurance products.


The insurance company may pay the intermediary a commission as a percentage of the premium paid by the insured for the policy. The amount of the commission may vary for a number of factors, including the type of insurance product sold and the insurance company chosen by the client. The percentage of commission may vary from placement to placement.

There is the possibility for clients to agree to pay a fee for the activities carried out by the intermediary as a replacement or in addition to the fees paid by insurance companies.

The intermediary may receive compensation from the insurers for consultancy or other activities towards the insurance company itself. The scope and nature of the services vary depending on the insurance company.

The intermediary may from time to time participate in promotional events organised by insurance companies or training events for its employees proposed by the companies themselves. Sometimes the intermediary is reimbursed by the insurance companies for marketing costs incurred.

The information contained within this site is generated from sources that we believe to be reliable and should be considered general information about risk management and insurance.Legal, tax or accounting information is intended as general remarks referring only to the experience of insurance intermediaries and risk consultants of our company and cannot and should not be used as legal, tax or accounting advice as our company is not authorised to provide this service.

The policyholder, the insured and/or the beneficiary, without prejudice to the possibility of contacting the competent Authority, have the right to submit written complaints pertaining to the intermediary Spencer & Carter S.r.l. in the following ways:

In any communication indicating: The Complaints Office will respond to the complaint within 45 days from the date of receipt, in the same manner used by the complainant to send it. It is without prejudice to the possibility for the policyholder, the insured and/or the beneficiary, if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint or if the intermediary fails to reply within 45 days, to contact IVASS, Servizio Vigilanza Intermediari, Via del Quirinale n. 21 - 00187 Rome, following the instructions made available on the Authority's website, and integrating the information requested above with a copy of the complaint submitted to Spencer & Carter S.r.l. and any response received.There is also the possibility of contacting the Judicial Authority and alternative dispute resolution systems, such as, for example, the Mediation Authority set up at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of the place of residence or main domicile of the Contractor or of the subjects who intend to assert the rights deriving from the contract.In the event of collaboration in the performance of insurance brokerage activities pursuant to article 22 of Law Decree 179/2012 (e.g. Broker with another Broker, Broker with Agency), complaints are handled by the intermediary who has a direct relationship with the Insurance Company, which will communicate the existence of the complaint.Terms of serviceA copy of the general conditions governing the services offered by Spencer & Carter S.r.l. is provided to the customer before entering into a contract with Spencer & Carter S.r.l..

Our company is registered in Italy with the Chamber of Commerce as Spencer & Carter S.r.l. with the Milan Register of Companies (REA) no. MI- 2596175 and tax code and VAT no. 11346070961 and registration with the R.U.I. (Single Register of Insurance and Reinsurance Intermediaries) no. B000671207 kept electronically at IVASS and available at

The company is subject to supervision of the IVASS


A copy of the general conditions governing the services offered by Spencer & Carter S.r.l. is provided to the customer before entering into a contract with Spencer & Carter S.r.l..

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